Management Policy

We consider that our job is pure vocation which God gave to us. Our company provide emotion and pleasure to all customers in the world, through supplying high quality, safe and reliable products.

And we aim "Good Company" with a presence in social value.

Food Safety Policy

Based on the management philosophy of "supplying high quality, safe and reliable products", we determine the food safety policy as follows.

  • 1. Create products that are safe and reliable is recognized as the most important for those involved in foods production, we fulfill its roles and responsibilities.
  • 2. We comply with the rules and standards which our company and arrangements with customers as well as regulatory requirements and legal requirements were established.
  • 3. We check regularly that food safety system is functioning effectively, and continuously improve through management by objectives specific.
  • 4. The food safety policy is communicated to all employee, we ensure the internal and external communication.
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